Alex is the creator and co-host of the Cryptid Keeper podcast, an infotainment podcast about folklore, mythology, and how to survive even the slipperiest of possibly-fictional critters.

Find the Cryptid Keeper on iTunes, Soundcloud, and most other podcatchers, with new episodes every Sunday.

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Additionally, Alex is the Host and Keeper for the actual play podcast A Horror Borealis on the One Shot Podcast Network. 

A Horror Borealis takes listeners along on a long-form Monster of the Week campaign taking place in 1996 in the fictional town of Revenant, Alaska, weaving magical realism and topical themes into a weekly tabletop game. It updates every Tuesday in most podcatchers.

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Alex was the featured guest on the debut episode of APPALACHUHHHHH... where she talked about her experiences as an Appalachian creative and the hometown that shaped her formative years.

Find APPALACHUHHHHH... here on PodBean

Alex has also appeared several times as both a voice actor and featured writer on The Alexandria Archives, a bimonthly horror fiction anthology podcast detailing life at the eponymous Alexandria University, a campus at the intersection of the absurd and terrifying.

Find The Alexandria Archives here

Episode 51 of the Positive and Negative Podcast with Tristan Miller features Alex talking about her personal journey with mental illness, generational trauma, and the process of creation.

You can find that episode here and you can find Tristan's website here.

As a writer, Alex has contributed work to the well-known NoSleep Podcast, which featured her story "The Dare-Devil of Catoctin Creek" in its Season 11, Episode 14 lineup and her flash fiction story "Inheritance" in the most recent "Suddenly Shocking!" special.